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Pain Medicine Case Reports is an open access electronic publication of The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and a Clinical Companion Journal to Pain Physician.

Pain Medicine Case Reports is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary, open access journal written by and directed to an audience of interventional pain physicians, clinicians and basic scientists with an interest in interventional pain management and pain medicine.

Pain Medicine Case Reports presents the latest studies, research, and information vital to those in the emerging specialty of interventional pain management – and critical to the people they serve.

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Current issue highlights: (November 2022, Volume 6, Issue 7)

  1. Dexmedetomidine for Transforaminal Epidural Injection for Lumbosacral Radicular Pain in Diabetes Mellitus Patients: A Case Series
    Case Report
    Sarfaraz Ahmad, MD, Ajeet Kumar, MD, Kunal Singh, MD, and Shagufla Naaz, MD.
  2. Prolonged Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) Trial Adequately Treats Neuropathic Pain Due to Malignant Invasion of the Lumbosacral Plexus: A Case Report
    Case Report
    Harman Chopra, MD, Alexander Shustorovich, DO, Seth Katzen, DO, and Joel Castellanos, MD.
  3. Symptomatic Pneumorrhachis After Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection Resulting in a Transient Right-Sided Brachial Plexopathy: A Case Report
    Case Report
    Sunny S. Kim, MD, Nicholas R. Storlie, BA, Kessiena L. Aya, DO, Elise Schroeder , and Hamid R. Abbasi, MD, PhD.
  4. Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak Following Explantation of Percutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulator Device: A Case Report
    Case Report
    Ryan Huy Nguyen, MD, Andrew M. Nguyen, MD, and Talin Evazyan, MD.
  5. Treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome of the Knee With Peripheral Nerve Stimulation After Failed Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation
    Case Report
    Stephen Music, DO, and Tolga Suvar, MD.
  6. The Role of Caudal Epidural Steroid Injections in Diabetic Lumbosacral Radiculoplexus Neuropathy: A Case Report
    Case Report
    Joseph Roys, MD, Marissa Catalanatto, MD, Christian Vangeison, DO, and Emanuel N. Husu, MD.